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  • Dive into the future of messaging with our AI-powered keyboard—designed exclusively for every app on your device from WhatsApp, Email,Facebook to any application where your keyboard is in use on your device.
  • Upload Files that our AI can analyse and give you insights quickly without having to read page after page.
  • Translate instantly any word to your language of choice
  • Summarise images and paragraphs to get a quick snapshot of what is being said or pictured.

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Chat Smarter, Not Harder

Our AI keyboard is more than just a typing tool—it’s your personal assistant for any app on your phone where your keyboard opens. Powered by advanced machine learning, it predicts what you want to say next, offering suggestions that are spot-on. Get ready to experience seamless typing with autocorrect that actually understands you, and a suite of emojis and GIFs at your fingertips that express exactly what you mean, no matter how niche or nuanced.

About YourAIApp

Elevate every message with YourAIApp, the cutting-edge keyboard companion for your daily tasks
whether that be chatting to friends or getting work done on the go. Our app blends the best of AI technology to enhance your conversations with intuitive
predictions, language intelligence.

  • Wand Uplift and optimise your conversations
  • Clock Save time on your phone
  • Easily integrate into your keyboard on IOS or Android.

Here what our users have to say!

See some of the overwhelmingly positive feedback YourAIApp has received.

  • Loran M.

I’m absolutely thrilled that I can use the AI to enhance my messages without ever having to step away from my email or chat inbox. It’s a huge time-saver for me

  • Olivia B.

Being able to quickly upload my work proposals and have the AI analyze them, then give me all the essential info in a neat summary, is incredibly helpful. It’s a game-changer, whether I’m working from my laptop or on my mobile while on the move.

  • Ethan M.

It’s awesome how it delivers quick facts right when I’m in the middle of a conversation with someone on WhatsApp and imessage.

  • Chloe F.

YourAIApp has been a game changer for me, both in my personal and professional life.

  • Mia S.

I like the keyboard button it has changed the way I text that important person.

  • Alexander K.

Discovering YourAIApp has completely transformed how I approach tasks and manage my day. It’s like having a personal assistant that understands exactly what I need, making both work and personal projects a breeze. Truly a life-saver!

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Still have questions?

Your personalised AI available in every chat and window on your mobile which gives you access to information instantly to share with whoever you maybe communicating with in Watsapp, email, Instagram, Messenger etc..

With this app you can:

  1. Chat directly with Chatgpt4 without paying the premium subscription cost that comes with it.
  2. Upload documents, pdf and Microsoft word to analyse and ask questions to get answers out of lengthy documents
  3. Translate any language into your preferred one
  4. Summarise documents and lengthy paragraphs to get an understanding of what is it without needing to read the entire document.

Application is best suited to anyone needing to do social media management such as creating captions or information to share with their followers and individuals who are on the go always needing to get information from AI instantly to work or just communicate with who they are speaking to.

Your AI App comes with a unique keyboard that provides you with access to an AI button and microphone you can use to access all the features that are within the application without leaving that chat, email or social media post you are working on at that moment. A true game changer to key productivity at all times at a low cost.

While YourAIApp aims to provide accurate and helpful information across a wide range of topics, it’s not capable of physical actions and cannot provide personal opinions or advice on legal, medical, or financial matters.

Yes, user safety and privacy are our top priorities. We do not share personal information without consent. However, it’s important to avoid sharing sensitive personal information through the app.

Simply type in your question or the topic you’re interested in, and the app, powered by ChatGPT4, will generate a response. Our AI model has been trained on a diverse range of sources to provide informative and engaging answers.

We offer premium features which can be accessed via a subscription to enhance your experience on a low-cost model at only $4.95 aud per week.

If you were to buy ChatGPT on the premium version it would cost you nearly 4 times more for the functionality. We pass on the savings we get onto the end users of this application.